Click HERE to file your own taxes

Should I File My Own Taxes or Use a CPA to Prepare and File My Taxes For Me?

You should file your own taxes when your situations are similar to the ones below. Secure and confidential on-line tax filing is available through our tax software vendor. You can file your own taxes for FREE or a low cost when you use the link below to access the secure on-line tax filing website. Your personal information will be kept private and will not be sold to third parties. You will be asked a few simple questions and the site will direct you to the proper form.


1040 tax filing starting at $25 through the link below:

  • Single or married, under 65
  • Without kids or dependents
  • E-filing and printing options available
  • Standard or itemized deductions
  • Retirement income
  • All tax credits

If your situation is similar to any of the ones listed above, please click the link below to file your own tax return:

Click HERE to file your own taxes

You should use a CPA to prepare and file your taxes when:

  • You’re nervous about filing your own taxes
  • You don’t have time to file your own taxes
  • You need expert advice about your taxes
  • You want to maximize your deductions by putting the expert advice to work
  • You’ve had business or personal changes in the past year
  • You need tax planning
  • You have diverse investments or income streams
  • You own a business, are self-employed or have rental properties—A CPA can help with depreciation schedules for business or real estate assets.
  • You are considering selling real estate—A CPA can help you use a like-kind exchange to minimize your taxes on the gain of property.
  • You are setting aside money for the next generation—A CPA can help you decide which vehicles to use for tax-deferred or tax-free savings.